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10 Reason why Travelling is good for you

February 29, 2016 at 12:21 PM

It is known that motivated people can achieve almost anything, but how does one stay motivated, especially when it involves travelling? This is particularly a problem considering you are busy working while there is a life to live with your friends and family. To most people, the mere idea of travelling overwhelms them already.


A Noble Course for Saving the World

There are reports that a few decades down the line, it may become impossible to reach some of the areas we have access to today. This is because of global warming, which is proving to be irreversible and accelerating climate change. As such, you learn to maximise your opportunities.


Loss of Adventurous Childhood

Today, Britain is facing something that could be termed as an “epidemic” to the current generation; the loss of adventurous childhood. The past few years have seen such a drastic drop on the youth who no longer participate in outdoor activities. Of course, some parents think that going for musical or dancing classes is covers this part, but the truth is, having a child who is not adventurous kills his ability to explore and what might be termed as “the spark of wanderlust” goes out permanently.


Travelling Makes You Learn to be Alone

Travelling brings back the feeling of being yourself and having thoughts run through your mind. This process also allows you to love yourself wholeheartedly.


Redefining Trust

It would surprise you how the world is diverse out there when you go for a road trip. Relying on a stranger because of his acts of kindness and such like actions make you have a different perspective about people.


Learning to Live Again

Getting to a new place and you get stuck means having to ask for help, but what is most important is learning how to live in such circumstances; hardship. Travelling comes with that too.


Adaptive Features

Travelling teaches you that plans can change, and you have to adapt to the changes. For instances, different places have different rules, and through this process, you learn how to live differently.


New Language

When you travel, it does not only mean that you get out of your comfort zone but also challenges you to learn something new like a language. In addition to that, you can make new friends.


Relearning Patience

The schedules today make life look like there is nothing much to live for other than money. However, travelling makes you understand that you do not have to rush through the museum or think the waiter took too much time. You might forget when the bus arrives and miss it, and that teaches you to wait for another hour.


No Assumptions about Life

Going on a road trip makes you look at things in a different way. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and opens a new realm to explore with endless possibilities.



Visiting some other place makes you remember your loved ones back home and teaches you to appreciate them when they are around. Travelling makes you understand that homes are not easy to build and family is just more than blood.


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