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9 Car Safety Checks You Should Always Do

March 15, 2016 at 9:00 PM

Getting to your destination safely is important but that is as important as preparing for your travel. It is important to take good care of your car right before you leave. There are simple maintenance issues that should never be overlooked to avoid any chances of accidents or injuries. As such, take the time to ensure these basic entities are in good condition.


1. The Oil

We all understand that your car oil keeps the car running smoothly, and additionally, the car won’t run without the appropriate amount or level of oil. Therefore, always check your oil level by simply pulling out the dipstick to see the oil level. It is important to take the car for an oil change regularly as scheduled by your mechanic or manufacturer. Checking your oil is also the easiest way to catch leaks.


2. Tyre Pressure

The tyre pressure gauge is such an affordable and easy option that can prevent a flat tyre or even worse. Take caution when refilling your tyre as improperly inflated tyres cause blowouts and lead to accidents. With a flat tyre, you might find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. Consider the most recommended tyre pressure because it affects your fuel efficiency. Always take your car for a check up regularly to ensure the right pressure.


3. Brakes

You do not have to hear the screeching sound for you to realize that your brake pads have grown old. Ensure your brakes are checked regularly to ensure car safety on the road.


4. Power Steering Fluid

If you have driven a car without a power steering, then you understand the difference between the two. It is important that your power steering fluid checked regularly because, without it, the power steering feature could fail hence making it almost impossible to control the car.


5. Alignment

You may notice that your alignment is not as proper as it should be. However, the first option should always be going for regular wheel alignment. This ensures the car steers and reacts just the way you would expect it to.


6. Tyre Tread

Do not just overlook the tread simply because your tyre pressure is okay. Traction is important for breaking and speeding, and cannot be overlooked especially when you are driving in slippery conditions. Look out for signs of wear and tear in your tyres such as bulges or odd lumps. Avoid blowouts and slipping on the road by checking and replacing your tyres when necessary.


7. Air Filter

Fuel consumption is adversely affected by a clogged air filter. The cost of checking and replacing an air filter is very reasonable so make it your choice to check this part during your car maintenance routine.


8. Transmission Fluid

You should never want to experience driving when your transmission fluid fails. Always check to ensure the transmission fluid is at the optimum level and change it periodically for smooth shifts when driving. 


9. The Lights

Having any of your car lights non-functional is dangerous. You should know that it might be easy to catch a headlight that is out but not so much with a brake light or a taillight. These are important functions that let other drivers see what you are doing. As such, ensure they are in good condition.


Always keep your car in good running condition for best performance and safe use on the road.


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