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Are cars just taking you from A to B?

August 24, 2015 at 5:36 PM


Are cars really something that just gets us from A to B?

For those who love cars they know the answer, for the others this article can reveal many things.


Cars. For some of us they are just something of a necessity in our daily lives, something that has no purpose other than to get us from A to B, but are they more than that, and if so to whom?

Early Cars

One thing is for sure, and that's that in their early lives they were little more than a project of a aimless nature. The first car known as the 'Benz Patent Motorwagen' was developed by a Mr Karl Benz and the fact that only 25 were made between the years 1886 and 1893 sums up just how mainstream these creations were. However jump to 1908, and the Ford Model T, cars all of a sudden start to become a lot more interesting. We go from 25 being made in 7 years to 15 million being made in 19, but does this example of a affordable piece of kit fit in with the idea that cars are simply just a mechanism that help us get from A to B?


When things got a bit commercial

Well in one sense of course this example completely agrees with that concept but the Ford Model T was much more than that. It was something that revolutionised the way we see transport today. One only need to look at the difference in machinery between World War One and World War Two. Whereas the first great war relied heavily on men on horseback, the second World War was one fought with machinery and tanks, and that was all down to the evolution of the car and its engine. 

The Future

Furthermore the car is not something that just evolved at the start and simply stagnated. We are now in the electronic age, and hybrids and electric cars are fast becoming something that are no longer seen as extraordinary. You'd be hard pushed to go to any city centre these days and not be able to find a charging point, and car manufacturers such as Tesla are showing us that electricity doesn't mean a lapse in performance of quality. 
And let us not forget that this is just one side of the spectrum. Manufacturers such as Bugatti, Ferrari and Koenigsegg are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible with the latter of the trio recently releasing a 250mph hypercar which there is believed to be only 2 available in the world, with one of the two already being snapped up by a certain Floyd Mayweather. 
So to answer the question, 'Are they really something that just gets us from A to B?'. Well that's based on who you are. Yes, they can be, but the question you have to ask yourself- is why let them be just that? 

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