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Five of the Best Cars for Large Families

April 15, 2016 at 12:14 PM

A large family truly brings joy and blessings, and a bit of mishap when it comes to fitting inside that tiny car. Nonetheless, family holidays don’t always have to be about scrambling for the best spot in the sedan; what you need is a decent upgrade to second-hand family cars. Here are five best large family cars to buy that are in perfect condition thus worth every penny you spend.


The Skoda Superb Estate

They say this is the family car to go with if space is what you want the most. The newly released Skoda Superb Estate family car has impressive space and legroom, especially in the rare seats. Test drivers greatly praise the lavishly styled interior which is also quiet while cruising on the road, even at top speeds. Fuel economy is pretty decent too, managing an average mpg of 70.6 in city and highway cruising.


The Volkswagen Passat Estate

For those who want their spacious car to come with a bit of class, this German beauty should be a great pick. We all know European brands are quite excellent in vehicle engineering, so we cannot doubt the quality of this Volkswagen Passat Estate in terms of build and performance on the road. And as promised, cabin space is to die for, not forgetting the use of the latest InfoTech display for entertainment and other controls. The engine is powerful and efficient, boasting of fuel economies of around 68.9mpg and emissions of about 109g/km. It’s pretty fast too, going 0 to 62mph in just 8.7 seconds; so be assured to get to holiday destinations faster, jamming the best music inside the comfortable cabin.


The Skoda Octavia Estate

Yes, Skoda is really taking the crown when it comes to big family cars. This Skoda Octavia Estate doesn’t ask much in used cars pricing and it actually gives more value on what you spend. What about Cabin space? The inside is enormous. In fact, test drivers say you will never get this much space on the amount you will spend to buy the used car. As far as vehicle handling goes, there is nothing to make you struggle and the luggage space will make you smile as well. Fuel economy is somewhere around 88mpg and almost equal emissions of 85g/km; the emission is quite low and this vehicle, therefore, evades emissions tax.


The Mazda 6 Tourer

The Mazda 6 also known as a Tourer Estate gets high ratings from test drivers as an ideal family car. In the large cars family, we have listed so far, this one comes second in terms of speed; it picks up to 60mph in just 9 seconds. It has a pretty firm and elegant finish, especially the cabin which is as spacious as you would want it to be. Luggage space is quite decent too so you all don’t have to feel crammed together with your bags while on the road.


The Ford S-Max

The Ford S-Max is our last pick of the best-used cars for large families. It can carry a family of seven people comfortably and the rear-most seats can fold to boost cargo space. Vehicle handling on the road is quite nimble and a powerful 2liter engine (TDCi) revs like a beast as you shift gears. They only needed to have included air conditioning to make it more ideal for long drives in hot summers.


If you are looking for used family cars that are pocket-friendly, these five options should serve you well. There are more cars for big families online in case you want to expand your choices.

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