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Northumberland in Winter

November 23, 2015 at 12:51 PM

While winter is not thought of as the ideal time of year to think about going on a road trip, maybe after reading about what it's like to visit Northumberland in Winter, you will change your mind. An exciting part of owning a car is that you can point it in any direction that you want and just drive. If Northumberland is that direction you are about to experience a region that is unique and full of vast open spaces and tranquillity. There isn't a large population up here; in fact per square mile it has the smallest number of people. This means that the roads are a treat to be on as there is hardly any traffic, even at peak rush hour times.

The region

There are three major roads in Northumberland. The A1 goes from south to north; the A69 will take you from the east coast to the west, and the A697 runs north-west to the south-east. This is a region with lots of serene and beautiful hills and dales to get lost in.

A scenic drive

A truly fantastic road trip at any time of the year is from Alnwick finishing at Kielder Water. What is terrific in summer and spring, however, takes on a new dimension in winter which can only be described as breathtaking.

The route

From Alnwick head for Rothbury using the B6341; this is not a main road but is well signposted and is a straight run of around 11 miles. You have some excellent views of the coastline and the Cheviots with their beautiful and majestic peaks.


Just before Rothbury you get into forest land that is owned by the National Trust. A feature here of this part of your drive is Tumbleton Lake which has a visitor centre for the Cragside Estate.


After Rothbury, you pick up the direction signs for Otterburn, which is a further 14 miles. Just before you get to Otterburn pick up the signs for Kielder Water


Before reaching your destination on the B6320, you will arrive at a quaint town that is typical of the area. Bellingham is small but has some nice pubs and shops for you to wander around and maybe stop for lunch.


If you don't want to stay in town, a few miles after on the road to Kielder you will come to the Pheasant Inn, which has great food.

Finally, you will arrive at the biggest manmade lake in Europe. Kielder Water has lots to enjoy including walking, boat trips and picnic areas.

So what are you waiting for? Get in your car and try this awesome trip as soon as you can.

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