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Why you should buy a used car instead of a new one

February 15, 2016 at 1:02 PM

Consider A Used Car

When purchasing a car, it can be really hard to prioritise your criteria on what type of car should you go for. Among other things, you might also be wondering if buying a used car is worthwhile or not. 

When asked, most potential car owners think that their new car should be a brand-new, fully loaded, shiny beast. Those are really nice expectations but, sometimes they become unrealistic. By the time they realise that, they start reconsidering the type of car they would need. 


A Used Car Costs Less

Since a used car has already accumulated its initial depreciation, its starting price will now be lower than its initial price. This means that you can spend less money in order to buy the car you wanted so much for a decent price. In the meanwhile, this will help you decrease the original car budget, enabling you to re-allocate the money on other quite important expenses. 


There Are More Used Cars Than New Cars

When purchasing a new car, you are by definition limited to the makes and models that are currently available on the market. On the contrary, this barrier barely exists when looking at the used car market.

Most car dealers usually have a wide range of cars in such a good condition where you wouldn't have the tiniest problem owning any of them. In fact, you may find cars or models you didn’t even know they were available. The wide variety and availability of used cars can give a certain level of flexibility in your decision process as you can compare status, colour, mileage, cost, and recency.


A Used Car Loses Less Value

A new vehicle experiences its depreciation by the time it is driven off to a dealership lot. Usually new vehicles lose immediately 20%, 30%, or even 40% of their initial price value as soon as they are given to used car dealers.

When you purchase a used car though, you are purchasing it at a price much closer to its depreciated value, and you stand to lose much less of your investment should you decide to sell or trade the car in the future.


When You Buy Used, You Can Verify Performance

Finally, buying a used car has one more major benefit: historical facts. Since the car you are buying has been around for three to five years you are able to know which exactly are its past problems, how many maintenance controls has it been through, what is the average cost of its maintenance and repairs. You know exactly what you will be taking back for the given price.


Buying a used car is one of the smartest decisions you may ever take. Not only you save more money than you expected, but also you know exactly what you are getting back. Next time you look for a car make sure you look for used cars as well. Car dealers are real goldmines. 


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