An overlook at this year car recalls

In the past weeks everyone has been speaking about the VW Recalls to come.

Now let's speak about the ones that have already happened.

Here are the recalls for September:

Ford Ecosport

Built 29/11/2013-25/02/2015
Number of cars involved 1264
Manufacturer reference 15S15
Problem Rear suspension trailing arm bolts could fail.
Solution Replace the nuts and bolts.


Jaguar F-Type

Built 09/02/2015-24/02/2015
Number of cars involved 6
Manufacturer reference P055
Problem Electric power steering system could be in the incorrect setting and cause the driver to lose control of the car.
Solution Recall the vehicles and either update the software or replace the steering rack.


Mercedes-Benz C-Class

Built 01/04/2014-30/09/2014
Number of cars involved 5385
Manufacturer reference SRPC1508
Problem Oil may leak from vehicle
Solution Correctly mount the oil cooler pipes.


Mitsubishi Colt

Built 15/11/2011-02/10/2012
Number of cars involved 2790
Manufacturer reference R3027911
Problem The electronic power steering system could fail.
Solution Recall the vehicles and and replace the power steering gear and link assembly.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Built 09/08/2011-29/08/2011
Number of cars involved 33
Manufacturer reference R3028610
Problem Vehicle may cut out.
Solution Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the engine MCU.


Mitsubishi Outlander and Lancer

Built 01/10/2008-07/09/2010
Number of cars involved 6863
Manufacturer reference R3028210/11/20/21
Problem ECU malfunction may cause systems to become inoperable. 
Solution Recall the vehicles and replace the affected ECUs.


Seat Ibiza and Mii

Built 12/06/2013-15/06/2013
Number of cars involved 10
Manufacturer reference 69L1
Problem Driver’s airbag may not deploy correctly.
Solution Recall the vehicles that are likely to be affected and replace the driver's air bag.


Suzuki Jimny

Built 15/12/2014-16/01/2015
Number of cars involved 170
Manufacturer reference R15/11
Problem Loss of stability due to ESC valves sticking.
Solution Recall the vehicles and replace the ESC unit.


Toyota Avensis

Built 19/08/2013-21/12/2013
Number of cars involved 42
Manufacturer reference BCG40
Problem The roof window glass may detach. 
Solution Recall affected cars and replace glass.

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