Fuel: The War of Prices

You may have thought being the objective of the fuel prices war between supermarkets.

Stop dreaming and plundge into the dirty little secrets of that war!

FFUK is supposed to represent customers but fills us with some info such as "Some motorists are capable of achieving 80mpg with a petrol car".

Really? Where? British Roads at night maybe between 2am and 3am, let's be serious it's not possible. When used in normal conditions diesel engines prove 40 to 50% more efficient than their petrol counterparts. With their slogans pretending not to "pay full price for fuel again", they hide the ugly truth, Supermarkets play on prices with petrol as much as they do with milk.

Luckily for them Aldi and Lidl have not started to sell fuel otherwise these supermarkets such as Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco would probably have to worry about the defection wave, that would be probably stronger than the one for food!

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