Is Alfa Romeo to return in Formula 1?

Sergio Marchionne, the executive director of Ferrari, has left the possibility that Alpha Romeo will be returning in Formula 1 open, only this time it will be as Ferrari’s main rival.

“It’s incredible how Alfa Romeo has remained in the hearts of people” Marchionne said. “For this reason, we think that bringing the brand back to racing will make many fans really happy”

Alfa Romeo has a long history in Formula 1. The first two champions in the history of F1 - Nino Farina (1950) and Juan Manuel (1951) – were driving Alfa Romeo. At that time, Alfa Romeo used to be a public company, then the Italian government stopped funding the team for F1 and thereby it was dissolved.

In-between the 60s and the 70s, Alfa Romeo used to manufacture engines for other cars, while it had returned as a manufacturer in Formula 1 in 1979, under the roof of Autodelta. The result was totally disappointing, Alfa Romeo left after the last champion’s race in ’85. Since then Alfa Romeo has never returned into F1. Maybe now it’s the time for them to return.

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