Mercedes reveals the S65 AMG Cabriolet

S65 AMG Cabriolet, the newest member of Mercedes’s 12-cylinder family is here, revealed just before Christmas.

Its engine, AMG, hand-built by a single technician as it is, features a pair of turbochargers, aluminium crankcase and a forged steel crankshaft. It’s mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox with many modes, powering the rear wheels.

It takes just 4.1 seconds for the S65 AMG Cabriolet to go from 0 to 62mph, topping at 155mph. If you choose and take the AMG Driver’s pack, this top speed can reach up to 186mph.

Due to the fact that the body panels are made of aluminium and magnesium, the weight of S65 AMG Cabriolet almost matches the weight of S65 Coupe. Inside you’ll find sport heated seats and armrests, driving assistance, a Burmeister 3D stereo and a head-up display.

You have an option of composite brakes measuring in at 420mm x 40mm up front, and 360mm x 32mm at the back. There’s also AMG-specific sports air suspension and forged alloys.  Its multi-layered acoustic roof mirrors the coupe in silhouette when up can be opened and closed automatically in just 17 seconds, and at speeds of up to 31mph.

Mercedes hasn’t confirmed its price yet, but for reference, the S65 Coupe costs around £183k. This one will likely be more expensive. S65 AMG Cabriolet will be ready to be delivered by March 2016 prior to ordering in April in 2016.

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