Renault to unveil new SUV in China

Renault reveals new SUV in Beijing International Exhibition

As the day for the Beijing International Exhibition approaches, all automaker brands prepare to premiere their new concepts and cars.

This time, it’s Renault’s turn to unveil a new SUV in the capital of China. Although this nameless SUV model is originally intended for the Asian Market, it is also expected to be distributed in Europe.

In the teaser that follows, Renault only reveals the LED DLR lights that have a C-shape and resemble those of the Megan model.

Indeed, this new model will be larger than the Kadjar and will be based on the CMF-CD platform (that is based on the X-Trail model of Nissan.

For now, that's all the news we have. Should you wish to learn more about the new SUV model of Renault you have only but to wait for the Exhibition press on the 25th of April. 

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