Your car may be at risk

Researchers highlight security issues with Key Fobs.

The commonly used Megamos Crypto System is compromised.

Researchers at Birmingham University and Nijmegen's Radbound University were able to intercept signals sent between the chips of key fobs and the car itself. But what does it mean?

In essence, car keys are emitting a signal on a specific radio frequency to be recognised by cars and release all securities to allow you to drive, however researchers have been able to listen to these signal and then used a process of reverse engineering to identify the codes and start the car.

Major car manufacturers use the Megamos Crypto System as a base for their recognition system which means that your car may be hacked.

Even though the researchers identified the flaw in 2012, Volkswagen won a High Court injunction to prevent its publication.

Officially, the reason was that: "The research could allow someone especially a sophisticated criminal gang with the right tools, to break the security and steal a car". But let's be honest, it is almost certainly a PR trick as most of Volkswagen vehicles are using this system.

According to the Metropolitan Police about 6,000 vehicles were stolen without keys which represents 1/2 of all car thefts.

See below for a list of the impacted vehicles:


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